18 February 2006


I woke up this morning thinking about my WIPs, listing them in my mind and thinking about how much I might be able to accomplish today. This is the first Saturday I've had totally free for a very long time. School's out for a four-day weekend (I'm have no idea why -- President's Day? why do we get both Friday and Monday off?), but this past week was soooo busy and I didn't have any knitting time at all, and I got sick on Thursday night (My Immune System? meet Elementary School. Elementary school? Meet my Immune System. Hey, Elementary School, why are you beating up my Immune System? Stop that! I mean it! Stop! Hey, ouch!) and so I slept until noon on Friday.

So today, I bounced out of bed around 10:30 thinking about that modified Laptop Purse from AlterKnits that I started months ago and have been debating frogging, but suddenly wanted to finish after all. And I thought about the sock I still need to knit in order to complete the pair I started at that conference in August. (This is why I'm not much of a sock knitter -- having to make two of the same thing bores me.) And I thought about the Rio that is begging me to turn it into a sweater. And I thought about the Last Minute Knitted Gifts raglan sweater I'm going to frog completely because I don't think that raglan sleeves will be a flattering and comfortable cut on me. And I thought about the fairy princess Lap Blanket that is sooooo close to done! And I thought about this blog, and how I haven't had time to update all week. And I thought about the semi-broken digital camera that I asked Joel to fix last week so I could finally post some pretty pictures on here... and I thought about the sticky buns we bought yesterday at the DeKalb Farmers Market... so I catapulted out of bed, made coffee and heated up a sticky bun in the microwave.

It's now a little bit after 1:00, and after all that I have not knitted a stitch. But I have caught my blog up to date and eaten a yummy breakfast and watched quite a bit of Olympic Women's Cross Country Skiing. And now I think I just might go upstairs and grab some knitting and come back down to watch more Russia kicking everybody's butts.

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