07 February 2006

Post #3 -- In which I actually talk about knitting

Still finding my voice on this thing. Please be nice.

So I'm starting a new job next week, meaning that I don't have anywhere I have to be during the day right now, meaning that I've been doing a lot of knitting lately. My current pet WIP is the lap blanket from Melanie Fallick's Weekend Knitting. Love Melanie Fallick. Love Weekend Knitting. Love the lap blanket, which looks like something a little girl would imagine a fairy princess would like -- it's all purples and blues, with a bit of pretty sparkly gold/purple/aqua thread my sister gave me. Someday I will actually take a picture and post it, when I figure out how to do that. I'm halfway through it right now, and have already used it to warm my lap. Which makes me feel like a fairy princess.

I'm also looking for a great sweater pattern for some beautiful red Rio de la Plata worsted wool (a thick/thin, though, so the great pattern quest becomes trickier) I scored the other day. Actually, this is a great story, all about me being a winner. My main LYS had a giant sale just the couple of days before New Years, and I fell in love with this red stuff. Love at first sight. I had to have it and make it a sweater. Alas! they only had four hanks, enough for about 3/5 of a sweater. Sigh. But I bought it anyway, because it was something like $4 a hank, and I was in love.

Then, this weekend, I decided to check out another store I'd just found on the internet. Never been there before. I popped in 20 minutes before closing on Saturday afternoon, found a couple of good things in the sale bin, but it's a mostly-fun-fur kind of place. I'm not-so-much a fun-fur kind of gal. Then! In the very back of the store! They had about four or five colors of this Rio that my other LYS carries. And Lo and Behold! They had four hanks of the Brick Red. I bought them -- dye lot be damned, I knew I'd figure out some kind of alternating scheme or something. And I brought the four new hanks home, put them next to the four I already had, examined the labels, and what do you know? They were the exact same dye lot. I win!!!

So, that's my story about me being a winner.
Anybody want to send me some great free sweater patterns? I'm thinking a size 7 needle would be about right (i.e., roughly 15 sts=4in, St. st.). I have just under 1100 yards, should be plenty.

'Cause I think I'm going to rip out the raglan sweater I started last week (only got about 2 inches anyway, not sure that I like the fabric, and I'm iffy about raglan sleeves with my body shape), and the brioche hat I'm making (also from WK) is pretty easy and kind of starting to bore me.

What, brioche boring? I know, that was blasphemy, wasn't it? But I just finished another brioche hat of the same pattern, and two in a row is just a bit much.

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