06 February 2006

Post #1 -- The KnitBlog Experiment, Introduction, and anticipated FAQs

I've been telling myself (and my partner) that I'm going to set up a knitting blog for months now. Months, I tell you! I may have been considering it for as long as a year. But probably not quite that long.

So here I am, humbly submitting my voice to the cacophany of knitting-and-whatnot blogs out there. Finally. I'm doing it.

But what can I contribute to the knitting blogosphere, you ask? Who do you think you are, my senior seminar professor? Screw you. I may or may not have anything new to say, but we won't find out until I say it, now will we? In the mean time, I need a more appropriate outlet for my knitting enthusiasm than my current options provide. So here I am, the Holy Knitter.

How did I pick this name/persona, you ask? Well, first of all, after months (months!) of trying to think of a good blog name that hasn't been used, I lit upon HolyKnit.blogspot.com. Unfortunately, that one was already taken. By somebody who's not even using it. Grrr. So I tried a derivative, and this one was available. And so, the Holy Knitter was born.

Who the heck is the Holy Knitter, and why are you being all mysterious, you ask? The gist is this: I'm a minister without a pulpit. I graduated from seminary this past May, but have yet to get an actual job in an actual church. I'm working on it now, but had taken a break from the long-term job search process because of some short-term life stress and therapeutic needs (i.e., seminary is hard, and will make you crazy!), and because I opted to do a continuing education program certificate that made my life hell for four months but is now finished. I am certified! (note: that is different from being certifiable.) Anyway, now I'm looking for real jobs, in real churches. And because of the nature of the job search in my denomination, I find it prudent to stick with remaining more-or-less anonymous at this point, at the risk of someone on a pastoral search committee somewhere finding this blog and it influencing (positively or negatively) my chances of getting the job. This blog, after all, is only one part/one expression of who I am, not the full picture. Of course, anybody who does figure out who I am is really really smart and, um, I'm sure they wouldn't be influenced by a silly thing like a knitting blog!

Actually, I'd like to expand this blog to talk about knitting as a ministry (also not new, I know), and how my knitting and my ministry impact one another. I'm sure that will all happen in due course. For now, I just think it'll be fun to have a knitting blog.

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Jennie said...

You're not being mysterious. I know who you are. Na na na na na na.