20 March 2007

Woods, Women, and Hot Tubs

I just spent a fabulous weekend of renewal and reconnecting in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, with ten of my seminary girlfriends. And yes, I finished the Clapotis. It's gooooorgeous. I only wish we'd gotten a picture of it. We didn't.

But we did get a picture of this, my new secret knitting.

I'm not talking about it, in case Joel checks my blog.

In related news, we're getting married in August. Yes, that's this August.

My girlfriend also took a picture of this:

My bridesmaid Cindy, proudly wearing a hat I knitted for her two years ago when we graduated. It's particularly well-preserved because Cindy lives in Houston and has little need for a super-chunky 100% wool hat. But gosh it's cute! Please disregard the beer. And please note that I did not knit the scarf, but it was lovingly made for Cindy by our seminary friend John (who is a preacherman and a husband and a daddy and a knitter, all at the same time). She was really excited to be in the general proximity of weather that required, well, any kind of warm-making clothing at all.