09 October 2007

Now on Ravelry!

I finally got my Ravelry invitation. So now it's time to step up my game.

Yeah, 'cause I've got so much time for that!

Traveling for a job interview this weekend. If I get the job, if I accept the job, I'll be quitting my job, and moving, and helping my husband sell the house (long distance), and finding a new place to live, and learning a whole new community of people, and learning a whole new job... sounds like a perfect time to photograph the entirety of my stash and every single project I've ever done and uncover all my hidden WIPs that are lurking God knows where.

07 October 2007

Wooly Eye Candy (and a bad pun)

I really shouldn't be posting right now. I should be going to bed. I have a long and busy week ahead of me, with a job interview trip at the end of it. But I figure just oooone short and picture-y post won't hurt. Please enjoy this ewe candy, I mean, eye candy, from this year's Iowa State Fair.

<--- This sheep was seriously complaining about being shorn! No stomping or anything, just very vocal in his dislike for the situation!

---> This sheep was much quieter. And look! This kid is learning how to card the wool his dad is harvesting. Dad was also trying to give a shearing lesson, but the kid wasn't nearly as interested in Dad's instructions as he was in the carding.

Also: BABY SHEEP! This one was about two days old, if I recall correctly, and still very wobbly. So. Cute.