07 February 2006

In which I stop numbering my posts

So, I have discovered something Very Important about the phenomenon of having a knitting blog. I felt very obligated to get more "into" the knitting community today (not that I've actually posted a comment anywhere yet... I'm still figuring all of this out and I know nobody is reading me yet, except maybe Jennie), which meant that I spent a lot of time looking at other people's blogs that I haven't read much before. Normally I check Crazy Aunt Purl and You Knit What?? and Mason-Dixon Knitting and then carry on with my day. But I spent most of the day jumping from blog to blog...

And not knitting.

I've only done about two inches of my fairy princess lap blanket today, and I knit close to half of the whole project yesterday.

But on the upside, I finally made a Half.com wishlist of knitting books.

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