30 August 2007

Will Return Soon

So, hopefully, sometime soon I will bother to get all those pictures off of my phone. Meanwhile, enjoy this one, which my friend Christy took of me in the final moments of my theoretically-single life.

So maybe you can understand why I haven't been writing much lately? I do intend to write some letters to some folks sometime.

Yes, I made the shawl -- it's the Clementine Shawl from the Spring 2007 IK. (It's the "secret knitting" from below.) I think this may be the only picture we got of me wearing it. The Bride's Room was freezing cold! Everywhere else, I was insanely warm -- you can't see how giant the skirt of the dress is, but it's got forty thousand layers of crinolines, and every single one of them traps heat!