10 July 2009

Taking Stock

Two years ago, I went to my denomination's big national meeting. And I got a job and a sweater out of the deal.

This year, I went back (it only happens every two years) as a delegate from Vermont, which sounds very important. (And it is very important, but it mostly means that I have a 6:30 a.m. meeting every day, and a voting card.) And I was extremely busy. So busy, I didn't have time to go check out City Knitting, the yarn shop in Grand Rapids that I wanted to visit. But JerseyKnitter went!

Thankfully, I'd brought yarn. Stash yarn, in fact. A very deep navy "Bulldog Blue" from Brown Sheep (Lamb's Pride Worsted). I'm working on the Minimalist Cardigan (Rav link). I got the whole back done while I was sitting in meetings, but then discovered on the airplane home that I'd missed some decreases for the underarms -- so I had to frog 7 inches and pick up the stitches to do the decreases. Argh.

Anyway, here's me blissfully knitting away in a business meeting. More pics of the sweater later. I've now got one half of the right front panel finished, as well.


LiturgyGeek said...

You forgot to mention how you helped me interpret my crazily simple pattern, HK. for which I am very grateful - I am starting the back side of the purse, which I actually expect will be the "front side" after felting, because I suspect the pattern was a little "tight" for ordinary use. But, I am counting on felting covering a multitude of sins!

Pope Laura the Beneficient said...

I finally finished the scarf that I ripped out at least eight times because the pattern was too tricky for an Associate Delegate... I can't imagine keeping track of a sweater or a purse! Kudos to the two of you!

Laura said...

Dear Holy Knitter,

You and LiturgyGeek have inspired me to share my Synod knitting story. It was my sitting with a knitter at an Iowa Conference Board meeting that got me interested in knitting. Love the blog!