02 July 2009

NHM #1

I did it again! Another pair of mittens. These are NHM #1 [Rav link] from Selbuvotter. Took me a little over a week -- got a massive sunburn in the middle of the process, when I brought my sunscreen with me to World Wide Knit in Public Day at the park, but then didn't actually put on any. Awesome.

Main Color is Blue Sky Alpaca&Silk in Blush (veeeeery subtle pink), Contrast Color is
Jojoland Melody (veeeery slight color-changing red -- there's green in one mitten and purple in the other).

I knit this up on 4s, thinking they were 3s. I discovered this mistake when
I was at a friend's house for a quiet evening of knitting and realized that I'd been trying to make the thumb on short 5s, and it wasn't going so well. I reached in my bag and grabbed the long "3s" I'd used on the main part of the hand, and that's when I realized I'd done everything in 4s. (The Jojoland doesn't like 4s very well. Or 5s, for that matter. I wouldn't recommend trying it.)

At least I got to borrow her Knitpicks Harmony DPNs, which I'd been wanting to try.
(Lovely, but I'm not going out of my way to invest -- my Brittany's work just fine.) They did the job, and I could definitely see the difference between 3s and 4s.

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LiturgyGeek said...

Wow! You are far better at the knitting than I am, HK! I may have some questions for you as I just bought some yarn and a pattern from Lion's Brand again, and again, it is labeled "easy." Which, as we learned from this current pattern I'm working on, does not make it really very easy.

I think I've learned their system: there is "beginner," then "easy," than "easy +" and I'm sure there's ratings higher than that, but considering that "easy +" all but kicked my butt....

Anyway, it was great to see you last week ... and I think this idea of a yarn swap may be genius!!!