10 February 2012


It's done, I tell you!

Well, okay, I need to weave in the ends.  Sometime.  I don't really care about that so much.  The knitting is finished, the seaming is finished, the border is finished.  Who really cares about the finishing?  Even working at a very casual pace, I spent a good eleven months working on the Lizard Ridge.  Weaving in the ends is hardly a concern.

It's sooooo warm on my lap.  I'm so happy I knit it.

And since I scored a goodly amount of Kureyon in that giant stash score, I may make another one sometime.  Not for a little while, but y'know.  Sometime.

What do you think of the light gray border?  It was a controversial choice, I know...

1 comment:

Sirkku said...

Well, darling, the gray border didn't eat the other colours as much as I thought. Good choice even though I argued against it :-) Love.