07 April 2010

Shalom Update

The Shalom Cardigan knit up really fast. Like, realllllly fast. Two weeks after I started, I was nearly done. I did not set out to knit a sweater for Lent, but that's kind of what I did.

But then I encountered two problems.

First, I didn't have quite enough yarn to finish the second sleeve. I knew it was going to be down to the wire, but... I really like the length of the first sleeve (seriously, I think this is the first time I've ever been truly happy with sleeve length -- most of my sweaters end up with sleeves that are slightly shorter than my arms, and I always think "It'll get worked out when I block it," and then it never does), so I'm reluctant to rip out the bottom of Sleeve #1 in order to make them even (and uncomfortably short).

The second problem is that I tried to make this sweater fit my "curves" and I overestimated how big my curves actually are. The danger with using chunky yarn, we know, is that it can sometimes make you look like a chunky person. And I'm not a chunky person. Ain't nothing wrong with being chunky, but that's not what I am and I want my sweater to fit ME! Anyway, I overestimated how big my biggest curves are, and the sweater is... not flattering this way. It's a cardigan, not a ballet wrap -- but I can wrap that baby and get about four inches of chunky overlap. Not pretty!

The good news is that the solution to the second problem (ripping and reknitting the body in a smaller size) then provides a solution to the first problem (more yarn for Sleeve #2). The bad news is that I have to rip and reknit half the dang sweater. But since I'd prefer to have a sweater that actually fits me and I want to wear, rather than spending the time and effort to knit a sweater I won't wear because it doesn't fit... yeah.

Stay tuned... I may or may not have achieved Shalom before Easter.


Laurie said...

Hmmm...my next Shalom must have sleeves. Another piece of good news - this sweater knits up really fast, so ripping and reknitting isn't quite as painful. I didn't do the shaping on mine and now wish I had. Maybe it was the aran weight yarn or the horizontal stripes, but though my Shalom fits well, it makes me look...definitely chunky...

Mom said...

So Easter is over. Did the sweater make it to the Easter Parade? Get that camera out one more time!

HolyKnitter said...

Hold your horses, Mom! Blog posts take time!

Laurie -- I don't know you, but thanks for all your comments! Yeah, I definitely think sleeves are the way to go, and a solid color yarn rather than self-striping. Maybe you'll be happier with your next one!