19 September 2008

Blue Eyelet Cardigan, part 2

I finished the Blue Eyelet Cardigan, and have been wearing it a ton.

I was totally right: I needed a little cotton sweater for the Vermont evenings, and this cardigan is just the thing to take the chill off. Buttons (and four of the five skeins of yarn) from Kaleidoscope. (The other skein is from WEBS. And my friend Leandre gave me a couple of scraps, too -- thank you!) The woman who assisted me when I chose buttons was so helpful. I love that place.

I normally hate knitting with cotton, but I am in love with Blue Sky Alpacas' Dyed/Organic Cotton, and will always be true. Sooooo soft.

I could see working this pattern again, maybe in red or brown next time. And if I do, I will totally buy the correct number
of skeins (and the same dye lot) the first time.


Miss Mildred said...

I tagged you for a meme on my blog.

Mango said...

Ky-ute! Oh, and so it the sweater.

sweetea said...

Oh! You look fabulous!!! I missed you modeling your new sweater? Damnit! Will you wear it again on Friday or Sunday?