11 September 2008

Baby Surprise Jacket II: Spring Edition

A couple of months ago I finished Baby Surprise Jacket II: Spring Edition. The yarn is Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool in the "Sagebrush" colorway, and I used US size 8 needles (used 7s for the first one -- I'm hoping the sizing will work out well).

A zillion thanks to KnittinMama for selling me the second skein I needed, even in the midst of her cross-country move (seriously! she popped it in a FedEx box somewhere in Ohio as she was driving from California to New York!).

Sister likes both the jackets, and although I need to re-sew the shoulders on the first one I made (the neck hole is wayyyy too small on the first BSJ -- I modified it the second time so that the neck would be a bit larger), I'm pretty hopeful that they'll each fit the baby at the right times. Steelhead for fall, sagebrush for spring!

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