07 October 2007

Wooly Eye Candy (and a bad pun)

I really shouldn't be posting right now. I should be going to bed. I have a long and busy week ahead of me, with a job interview trip at the end of it. But I figure just oooone short and picture-y post won't hurt. Please enjoy this ewe candy, I mean, eye candy, from this year's Iowa State Fair.

<--- This sheep was seriously complaining about being shorn! No stomping or anything, just very vocal in his dislike for the situation!

---> This sheep was much quieter. And look! This kid is learning how to card the wool his dad is harvesting. Dad was also trying to give a shearing lesson, but the kid wasn't nearly as interested in Dad's instructions as he was in the carding.

Also: BABY SHEEP! This one was about two days old, if I recall correctly, and still very wobbly. So. Cute.

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