09 October 2007

Now on Ravelry!

I finally got my Ravelry invitation. So now it's time to step up my game.

Yeah, 'cause I've got so much time for that!

Traveling for a job interview this weekend. If I get the job, if I accept the job, I'll be quitting my job, and moving, and helping my husband sell the house (long distance), and finding a new place to live, and learning a whole new community of people, and learning a whole new job... sounds like a perfect time to photograph the entirety of my stash and every single project I've ever done and uncover all my hidden WIPs that are lurking God knows where.


OliviaKnits said...

well - you ARE going to have to pack all your things - might as well take pictures while you're at it!

and i assume you're holyknitter on the ravelry :) let me know if that's NOT you!


HolyKnitter said...

Yeah, I am HolyKnitter. I meant to put that in the post, but I guess I forgot. Duh.

OliviaKnits said...

I am going to SAFF - but not on the knitch bus.... Aimee and I already have a room and Mom is coming down and all so I'll definitely be there.