14 January 2013

Minimalist Update

No word from the airline about the missing Sleeve B.  They said they'd call me "tomorrow" (which would have been Sunday) when I spoke to a real human being on the phone, and I gave it an extra day just in case the helpline person forgot that "tomorrow" was Sunday and they didn't make these calls on Sunday after all.  But today is Monday, a full 50 hours after I made the lost article report.  I'm pretty confident that Sleeve B is gone.

Commence Plan C: contact the one person on Ravelry who has some Bulldog Blue in her stash and is willing to sell it.  Let's all cross our fingers that she's willing to sell me just one skein, rather than demanding that I buy all 5 skeins she has.  Sigh.

I definitely bought an entire sweater's worth of yarn at The Knitting Studio today.  Retail therapy.

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