25 January 2012

Husband Sweater Update

I have made some pretty good progress on Husband's sweater lately.  Conference knitting.  Windowless room in a Tampa hotel for a week.  Attached sleeves to body.
Husband tried on the sweater when I was visiting him last weekend.  It's tight, but it does fit properly.  And he says to keep going.  At this point, I figure I'll just wear the darn thing if he decides it's no good on him when it's done.  And now he can never say I haven't made him a sweater.  Whether he wears it or not is up to him. 

Sheepie is for scale.  Also for the fun of it.


Yo Momma said...

Don't forget, if the sweater does not fit Husband, there is always dear old Mom. I bet it would look really good on her.

Love, Guess Who

HolyKnitter said...

Dear Guess Who,
Remember when I tried to give you a sweater I'd knit, and you were all "oh no, that's too fancy for me!" ? Yeah. That was too good for you, but Husband's cast-off sweater will do? Riiiiiiight. I try to do something nice for once...