17 April 2011

Lizard Ridge Update #3

Here's another progress shot of Lizard Ridge. SOOOO CLOSE!!!!! 3 strips done, one more well on its way.

I'm starting to think about what color to use as a border. The downside of using as many different skeins of Kureyon as I could get is that there's not one single color that makes the most sense for a border. But it definitely needs a solid-color border to ground it. I'm kind of thinking that a dark green would be good -- there's a surprisingly large amount of green in this blanket -- but I could also see arguments for a medium-aqua. Or a medium/light gray, not so heavy?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Is there another color I should be considering? Help me, loyal readers! You're my only hope!


LiturgyGeek said...

I vote for green or gray, but I admit I don't always confidence that I have the best eye for this sort of thing. This blanket is making me drool with envy!

Anonymous said...

Hi "Holy Knitter". It's NJ Melissa. Promised I would check in and I like the blog very much. I still think a light Gray would keep it more mellow and make a lot of the other colors pop.

Sirkku said...

Hi HolyKnitter, did you already decide the colour of the border. I woould go for dark green. In my experience gray tends to eat colour. This was the vote of the Finnish jury :)