09 September 2010


Owl vest is done! (Actually, it was done quite a while ago, I just haven't posted until now.)

I'm not entirely sure I love the owlie outlined with duplicate stitch this way. It is starting to grow on me, though. Except that, really, I was thinking it would be kind of like the LaCoste alligator (this is for a Texas baby -- Dallas parents who now live in Austin), and I've now realized that the owls will be marching across his tummy, not his pecs. That kind of makes me love the outlining less in general. So I'm soliciting opinions. What do you think of the outlined owl? Should I take it out altogether? Should I do a different kind of stitching (I also tried chain and blanket, and they both didn't work -- duplicate is the best of what I've tried so far)? What to do?


99counties99pounds said...

I don't really like it. I like the idea and the stitching, but not the contrast/color. Could you redo it in a green with a similar color saturation as the blue?
(the one in Iowa who lives with [portcat])

Abby said...

I love it. LOVE it.

LiturgyGeek said...

I like it. If I received a cute little owl vest for a baby I'd just had, I'd be thrilled!

Leandre said...

Aw, Mary, I LOVE the vest. But...I think I have to agree with your original thought that the duplicate-stitch owl isn't working. My vote is for take it out, but no matter what you choose to do, the recipient will LOVE it.

Lena said...

i want the pattern! can i get that please?


HolyKnitter said...

Hi Lena, you didn't leave an email address, so I hope you check back here... You can get this pattern as a free Ravelry download if you go here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-baby-vest

Gotta love the free patterns.