17 December 2009

Snail Hat!

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Snail Hat (Rav link) is one I've been wanting to knit for a while (ever since I saw the photo in Vogue Knitting last year, although I have Knitting Without Tears -- it looks so much more appealing on an actual person than it does not on a person)(sorry, I can't find the modeled photo online to link to!). I've also been aware that it's really not flattering for my face shape. And it's kind of a tough item to knit for someone else, because it's so silly-looking and therefore a very personal choice. But it's such an interesting pattern idea...

But then Nido opened. New LYS (actually, a fabric store with yarn, but the owner quickly discovered that there's a huge hungry market for a yarn shop in downtown Burlington), four blocks from my house. I've been popping in, checking up on her progress, giving suggestions now and then on what books to carry, etc. And the owner asked if I'd like to teach a class in the spring. Specifically, she wanted me to teach something that would use the Twinkle Soft Chunky she sells. My mind immediately went to the snail hat. It all clicked -- she loved the idea, and here we are!

So, I knit up a shop sample (pictured)(see? not flattering for my face shape). And my class is on the calendar. And it was super-quick -- although my instincts led me astray for a while, and I was stumped by Elizabeth's genius at first. But I got it all figured out (my usual advice to folks is to trust the pattern and go with it, and I didn't follow my own advice the first three times I started the hat! I was certain there was an error in Vogue's pattern. There wasn't.). And I'm about to bring it over to Nido so she can display it! Woo!

Now, let's hope people actually sign up for my classes. Time will tell -- one is late February, the other mid-March, so I won't know for a while.


solomi558 said...

Nice hat , it could also have ear flaps---cottonreel

Anna said...

Please oh please tell me how you did the M1 on the snail hat pattern. I have the Vogue Knitting handbook, and it lists three types of M1, but none of them look remotely like the snail hat pattern -- although the pattern assures us that the way you do the M1 is essential. Help!


HolyKnitter said...

Hi Anna -- sorry to have missed your comment until now.

There are several ways to do the M1, you're right. For the snail hat, you want to lift the ladder between the two lower stitches and CROSS it when you're picking up the stitch (as opposed to not-crossing, which is also an M1, but creates a hole in the fabric that looks "wrong" on this pattern).

Now, the direction you're crossing does matter, as it becomes a part of the design of the hat. If you're looking at the fabric, you've got a stitch on the right and a stitch on the left of the ladder you want to lift. Bring your right-hand needle behind the ladder and through to the front (as if you're purling), wrap the working yarn around the needle, and bring the right side of the ladder over the right-hand needle -- essentially, you've purled that stitch. The ladder should cross with the right-hand side in front.

I hope these directions are clear!

courtney said...

I just recently came across the snail hat pattern while searching for an interesting hat to make.... was totally stumped on which M1 to use as well. I searched the internet and your post showed up. Thank God !! And thank you so much for the awesome description !!

HolyKnitter said...

Thanks so much, Courtney! I'm glad to have been helpful!