09 February 2009

Good Cable, Bad Cable

See this cable here? The one my finger is pointing to?

You wouldn't know it unless I told you, but that is a mis-crossed cable. The cable that's crossed over the top is supposed to be underneath, and vice versa.

Oh, and it's two rows down.

I mis-crossed this cable on all 20 pattern repeats. Because I'm awesome. Sigh.

Rather than rip out several rows of cabling, thereby risking untold numbers of dropped stitches and losing my place in the chart (there were 400-some stitches per row at this point!), I decided that it would be better to do a micro-fix of each mis-crossed cable. First I took out the four stitches above the mis-cross, and dropped down to where the cable-crossing actually happened.

Using an extra DPN of the same size as my main needles, I picked up the four offending stitches and crossed them correctly, then (using a second extra DPN) re-knit the next stitches up one-by-one, very carefully.

Then I continued knitting along until I got to the next spot where I needed to drop stitches and start over. I did this on all 20 mis-crossed cables, so my Tangled Yoke came out perfectly. (The misadventures along the way are half the fun of the knitting, right?)

Et voilĂ ! A correctly crossed cable!

My Tangled Yoke Cardigan has now made public appearances in both DC and Vermont. If by "public" you mean "a friend's living room." I have yet to get someone to take an actual picture of me wearing the darn thing, though. Still, it has been OOHed and AAHed over appropriately, so I ain't complainin'. I have a nasty head cold right now, so it's not like I'm really out and about anyway.


jn said...

But wait -- isn't it named tangled cable for some reason? Maybe it's OK to do the cables the wrong way. The wrong way could be the right way? Holy Knit! The Amish say only God can make a perfect quilt ... do they do sweaters?

HolyKnitter said...

The Amish are the same with sweaters. They intentionally build in a mistake (although if it's intentional, is it a mistake?) like a twisted stitch in the armpit or some other inconspicuous place, because "only God can make something truly perfect."

I love the implied assumption that, without the intentional mistake, their work would be perfect!

HolyKnitter said...

And yes, the cable would have looked funny if I'd left the mis-crossing.