28 January 2009

Ugliest Socks EVER

When I bought this yarn, it was in a taped-closed bag (in the final sale bin), and I thought it was black, gray, and brown. Very manly.

When I got it home and opened the bag, I discovered that what I thought was black was actually purple and teal. What I thought was gray was actually lavender. And what I thought was brown was... baby-poop brown.

These socks are not going to be pretty. Or manly.

I cast on for them about three weeks before Christmas, thinking they would be a good last-minute present for Husband. This is as far as I've gotten on them, mostly because both Husband and I think the yarn is so ugly that neither of us wants the socks. They will likely end up being charity knitting; for now, they are just "purse socks." I worked on them yesterday when I went through the car wash and had a couple of minutes of enforced-sitting-in-the-car. That's the kind of project these babies have become.

Also, it's a Kaffe Fassett colorway. Normally I like his color pairings, but this one, ah, lowers his work in my estimation. There's a reason the Project Runway judges talk so much about "taste level." It's so people like me can get all snarky when the sale yarn they buy turns out to be ugly!

(The lighting is sub-par in this photo, but the colors are still eerily accurate!)(On my monitor, at least.)

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jn said...

If the weather is cold enough, and the boots are tall enough, nobody will know what color the sox are. And if you get up early enough to dress in the dark, even you won't have to see them. Warm is good, whatever the color.