16 February 2008

Labyrinth Rug

I've been working on the Labyrinth Rug for months now -- I think I have four or five feet done, but it's my mindless-TV and between-projects knitting. There's a basket o wool next to my chair in the living room.

My strategy has been this: For a while, I bought a random skein of green worsted-weight wool from the sale bin every time I went to a yarn shop. Those, added to my stashed green scrap yarns, will likely go in to the rug at some point. I'm liking the yellow-based and olive-y greens better than the blue-heavy greens, so now I've got a couple of blue-heavy skeins that are just sitting here, and I'm not going to use them for the rug. (I'm not entirely sure that this picture does justice to the colors of the rug -- it's more vivid than this, I think.) There are also a few skeins that I bought that I've now reconsidered (do I really want to use my precious Blue Sky Alpaca sport doubled in a rug? And then walk on it??? No). So we'll see how this baby turns out.

Husband and I are having fun painting the new house. I haven't yet decided if this rug will go in the green room (which will not be done for a while) or or the orange room (for the great color contrast) or the yellow room (which is done but is currently the storage/staging area for the rest of the painting work). The orange room is very orange. The yellow room is very yellow. There are decisions to be made -- whenever I get this thing done.


sweetea said...

Love the paint colors!

calliope said...

found your blog as I was searching for a labyrinth rug and had to leave a comment as your kitty looks EXACTLY like my kitty. SO much so that I felt the need to blog about it. Hope you don't mind if I link to this page to show my readers the uncanny resemblance!